Under Spanish Skies (2022) – Watch Full Movie Online
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Under Spanish Skies (2022) – Watch Full Movie Online

Jun 27, 2023


“Under Spanish Skies” (2022) is an emotionally powerful tale about love, loss and friendship centering around Leah, an introverted artist. After growing up through war-ravaged Beirut with no sense of safety or companionship from her peers, Leah found refuge with Neil who became her high school sweetheart; their romance eventually blossomed into lifelong commitment as Neil built an idyllic farm in Andalusia’s serene hills to provide Leah sanctuary from her troubles – until tragically his passing away left her to bear her grief alone.

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Under Spanish Skies Plot

After suffering such a significant loss, Leah turns to Beth and Gregory for comfort; during their stay at her Spanish farm they encounter Leah who then surprises them all by unveiling an astonishing secret that could change all their lives forever.

Beth and Gregory find themselves faced with an impossible decision by Leah – to either reveal secrets about Neil which could put their friendship with Leah at risk, or let her cling onto precious memories even though it might lead her down an unsafe path.

Under Spanish Skies Cast

  • Amr Waked as Andrés
  • Philippe Brenninkmeyer as Gregory
  • Nahéma Ricci as Alix
  • Tara Lynn Orr as Leah
  • Tullan Holmqvist as Beth
  • Rafael Benjumea as Taxi driver
  • Sally Abdelghafar as Clara

Release Date

  • Jun 8, 2022


  • Drama, Mystery & thriller


Rating: ★★★★☆

“Under Spanish Skies” is an intense and thought-provoking drama and mystery-thriller that will take audiences on an incredible emotional roller coaster ride. This film delves deep into despair, exploring themes like loss, isolation and the intricate complexity of human relationships.

Leah is an emotionally distraught widow grieving the death of her husband Neil. In an unexpected turn of events, Leah announces her plan to commit suicide as part of an agreement made with Neil; adding urgency and tension to her tale. Luckily for Leah, Beth and Gregory are determined to rescue her before disaster occurs.


“Under Spanish Skies” is an exhilarating drama and mystery-thriller set over 48 hours. Leah, who has isolated herself since her husband’s death, confides to Beth and Gregory of her plans to commit suicide with Neil as part of their suicide pact agreement. To save their friend Leah from imminent disaster, Beth and Gregory must confront their pasts and uncover hidden truths which might persuade Leah otherwise.

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