Un Romance Escurridizo / Runaway Romance Full Movie
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Un Romance Escurridizo / Runaway Romance Full Movie

Jun 24, 2023


The life of a reality TV star who chooses to abandon Hollywood’s flash and glamour is followed in “Un Romance Escurridizo”. She finds herself in the heart of Amish territory, which forces her to make a crucial decision about her future: should she adopt this new, simpler way of life or go back to her previous Hollywood reality?


Danielle C. Ryan portrays Ann Stanway, a reality TV star on a popular show who is romantically involved with her co-star Scott. Ann makes the decision to leave her current situation after recognizing Scott’s lack of genuine affection and that he is using her. When her car breaks down close to an Amish community, her adventure takes an unexpected turn. She chooses to stay there while her car is being fixed after becoming stranded. She begins to doubt her decisions and the direction she wants her life to go after experiencing a completely different way of life.

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  • Danielle C. Ryan
  • Trevor Donovan
  • Galadriel Stineman


  • Drama, Romance, Comedy, Family

Release Date and Runtime

  • January 7, 2018
  • 1 h 30 min


This storyline creates an engaging dichotomy, with Ann being torn between two worlds and making choices that impact her life and that have an effect on those around her, such as emphasizing personal values, authenticity and finding true happiness.

“Un Romance Escurridizo” boasts outstanding performances that bring life and authenticity to its characters. The lead actress expertly portrays Ann’s internal struggle, showing the depth and complexity of her decision-making process, while supporting cast add charm and comedy that enhances overall viewing experience.

The film effortlessly balances dramatic elements with lighthearted comedy, providing moments of laughter and relief during its emotional journey. Witty dialogue and well-timed comedic scenes add to its overall appeal and entertainment value.


The captivating film “Un Romance Escurridizo” combines the drama, romance, humor, and family genres. The conflict of choosing between the lavish lifestyle of Hollywood and the simplicity of Amish country is explored. Will Ann return to her former life of drama and dishonesty or embrace her newfound tranquil existence?

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