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The Experience (2019) – Full Movie Watch Online

Jun 25, 2023

“The Experience,” released November 5, 2019, is an unforgettable drama set within a wilderness camp for troubled youth. The narrative centers around Scarlet (Allison Kove), an emotionally complex young girl burdened by her past and familial issues. We witness Scarlet’s transformational friendship with Dylan (Ava Capri), their volatile romance, and unexpected twists of fate in this thrilling tale of young love and loss.


Scarlet, an unhappy teenager, is sent by her father on an expedition into the wilderness camp to try to help rehabilitate her. Having grown up with only a single father and his young girlfriend (Scarlet’s former tutor), Scarlet often felt abandoned and often fell into bad company. Furthermore, memories of their dysfunctional relationship and her mother’s tragic demise continue to haunt her daily life.

At first, Scarlet’s life takes an uplift when Dylan joins her group. However, despite an initially hostile environment, Scarlet and Dylan quickly form an unlikely bond and then begin romantic feelings between themselves; Scarlet starts to change her outlook on life in response. Unfortunately, their shared happiness soon ends once Scarlet learns the true nature of Dylan’s presence at camp.


  • Alison Kove
  • Ava Capri
  • Brigitte Nielsen
  • Lou Ferrigno Jr
  • Shawn Christian
  • Sabina Gadecki

Release Date

  • November 5, 2019


  • Drama


Rating: ★★★☆☆ :

“The Experience” is an inspiring drama that deftly tackles the complicated emotions and difficulties encountered by troubled youth. Since its release on November 5, 2019 this movie has taken audiences on an emotional roller coaster in a wilderness camp setting, offering viewers a captivating narrative as well as exceptional performances that offer insight into young love, personal growth and unanticipated fate twists.

At the core of the narrative lies Scarlet, beautifully portrayed by Allison Kove. Scarlet is an engaging protagonist with layers of vulnerabilities and strengths which makes her compelling to watch. Allison Kove’s performance as Scarlet was mesmerizing, perfectly depicting Scarlet’s emotional journey with precision and nuance – she perfectly showcases Scarlet as a strong protagonist!


Betrayed and heartbroken, Scarlet contemplates suicide again – yet as “The Experience” suggests, sometimes endings can just be new beginnings. “The Experience” expertly delves into the complexities of friendship and romance in an unconventional setting; though its character development and delivery stumble at times, hints at deeper existential themes; ultimately creating an unforgettable viewing experience for audiences everywhere. Despite any defects it may contain, “The Experience” provides a meaningful tale of redemption, love and healing – perfectly reflecting humanity itself!

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