The Debt (2015) | Full Movie
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The Debt (2015) | Full Movie

Jun 15, 2023


“The Debt,” also known as Oliver’s Deal or simply “The Deal,” is an engaging thriller drama directed by Barney Elliott and released in 2015. Starring Stephen Dorff, Elsa Olivero, Amiel Cayo and Marco Antonio Ramirez it explores the consequences of an American hedge fund banker becoming involved with Peruvian landowners’ lives through his actions – which eventually involve both countries simultaneously. rewrite as human.

“The Debt” (2015) – Cast, Release Date, Genre And Run Time

GenreMystery & thriller
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorBarney Elliott
WriterBarney Elliott
Release Date (Theaters)June 24, 2016 (Limited)
Release Date (Streaming)October 4, 2016
Runtime1 hour 39 minutes

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  • Stephen Dorff as Oliver
  • David Strathairn as Nathan
  • Brooke Langton as Kate Campbell
  • Carlos Bardem as Caravedo
  • Alberto Ammann as Ricardo
  • Amiel Cayo as Florentino
  • Marco Antonio Ramirez as Diego
  • Elsa Olivero as Maria
  • Melvin Quijada as Jorge (Florentino’s brother)
  • Lucho Cáceres as Dr. Cerrón


“The Debt” follows American hedge fund banker Oliver (Stephen Dorff), as he embarks on a mission to purchase Peruvian landowners’ debts. Oliver’s actions have profound repercussions for Maria (Elsa Olivero), an ailing mother caretaker, and Florentino (Amiel Cayo), an ambitious farmer fighting to protect his ancestral lands. As Oliver’s deal with developer Caravedo becomes ever more critical, tragic events unfold resulting in shocking revelations accompanied by moments of redemption – while personal issues and moral conflicts make up this compelling drama.


“‘The Debt’ left me feeling deeply dissatisfied. While this film had all of the necessary ingredients to tell a riveting tale, it never quite lived up to its promise. Relying too heavily on stereotypes like white savior and failing to deliver on its promising thesis were disappointing – an opportunity wasted.” – Cinephile22

While I appreciated its exploration of economic exploitation, its complex narrative forced viewers to consider power imbalances.” – MovieBuff85


The Debt” is an engaging film that explores the moral complexities surrounding financial dealings. Through compelling characters navigating themes such as justice and redemption while considering long-term effects of personal decisions made financially, “The Debt” serves as a potent reminder of ethical dilemmas that stem from financial decisions impacting individuals as well as society at large. Furthermore, its exploration of power dynamics as well as personal/collective responsibility creates a compelling yet introspective viewing experience for audiences of any background or sensibility.

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