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Skin Traffik – Full Movie Watch Online

May 31, 2023

Skin Traffik (also known as “A Hitman in London”) is a gritty and action-packed film released in 2015. Directed by Ara Paiaya and featuring an ensemble cast, this movie explores the dark and dangerous world of human trafficking.

Skin Traffik dives into the criminal underworld, painting a bleak picture of modern-day slavery. The storyline follows Bradley, a hitman with a conscience who finds himself tangled in a global human trafficking operation. As he steps out of the shadows to fight this pervasive crime, he finds unlikely allies and faces formidable enemies.

Skin Traffik-Full Movie

Skin Traffik- Main Cast, Reviews, Genre, Plot And Release Date

Release Year2015
GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorMark Atkins
Main CastNatalie Burn (Billie), Jason London (Quentin), Vinnie Jones (The Man)
ReviewsThe movie received mixed reviews. While praised for its performances and action sequences, some critics found the plot predictable. Despite this, it has enjoyed some cult status among action thriller enthusiasts.
Release DateJuly 7, 2015
Duration89 minutes


Skin Traffik,” directed by Ara Paiaya, explores the dark and disturbing world of human trafficking. The film centers around Bradley (played by its lead actor), an assassin who becomes embroiled in an illegal global operation involving trafficking humans.

Bradley, an ethical hitman, finds himself drawn into the criminal underworld when he stumbles upon a human trafficking ring. Shocked at what he witnesses, Bradley decides to fight back and protect innocent victims while standing against perpetrators and taking legal action against perpetrators.

As Bradley takes an active part in dismantling his operation, he encounters a host of complex characters. Along the way he forms unlikely alliances with individuals who share his resolve to end the brutal trade, providing both support and guidance as he confronts traffickers and their network of criminal associates.


Skin Traffik is a gritty and intense film that sheds light on the dark underworld of human trafficking, specifically focusing on the illegal trade of human skin. With its raw portrayal of the characters’ struggles and the harsh realities they face, the movie exposes the audience to the horrors of this heinous crime.

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