Sea Beast (2008) Watch Online Free
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Sea Beast (2008) Watch Online Free

May 26, 2023

Sea Beast

About Sea Beast (2008)

Sea Beast, released in 2008, is a thrilling horror film that takes place in a small coastal town. Directed by Paul Ziller and written by Neil Elman, the movie is also known as “Troglodyte”. The story revolves around Will McKenna (Corin Nemec), a fisherman who witnesses the terrifying emergence of a sea monster wreaking havoc on the local community. As the creature begins to target innocent townsfolk, Will takes it upon himself to confront the beast and protect his loved ones.


“Sea Beast” belongs to the science fiction horror genre. It combines elements of creature features, monster movies, and suspenseful thrillers. The film draws inspiration from classic sea monster tales and delivers an entertaining blend of action, horror, and adventure.

Sea Beast (2008) Watch Full Movie


  • Corin Nemec as Will McKenna
  • Miriam McDonald as Carly McKenna
  • Daniel Wisler as Dave McKenna
  • Camille Sullivan as Amber
  • Gwynyth Walsh as Alice McKenna
  • Brent Stait as Deputy Norm
  • Gary Hudson as Sheriff Dale
  • Bart Anderson as Bo
  • Malcolm Stewart as Captain Walsh
  • Mike Dopud as Big Mike

Release Date

“Sea Beast” premiered on the Syfy channel on May 24, 2008. The film was initially released as a part of the channel’s Saturday Night Creature Feature series, offering fans of the genre an exciting and entertaining experience.


Mixed Reactions: Reviews of “Sea Beast” (2008)

“Sea Beast” received mixed reviews from both viewers and critics. Some praised the film for its nostalgic creature feature elements and engaging action sequences. The practical effects and creature design were also appreciated by fans of the genre. However, others found the plot predictable and the dialogue lacking depth. Despite its flaws, the film managed to entertain audiences with its suspenseful moments and thrilling encounters with the sea beast.


Sea Beast offers an enthralling mix of suspense, horror, and action, making it a must-watch for fans of creature features. With a talented cast, led by Corin Nemec, the film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they follow the thrilling journey of Will McKenna and his battle against the sea monster. Released in 2008, Sea Beast continues to captivate audiences with its intense storytelling and gripping visuals.

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