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Rosemont (2015) | Watch Online Full Movie

Jul 3, 2023


“Rosemont” is a 2015 Holiday Drama film that depicts an emotional journey of survival, transformation and unexpected bonds formed amidst an extreme winter. The plot focuses on Lisa (an insecure 19-year-old pregnant woman) and Brad (a professional snowboarder), two strangers who find themselves stranded due to a blizzard in the wilderness and must seek shelter at Rosemont Lodge which has fallen into disuse over time.

GenreHoliday, Drama
Runtime1h 35m
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorDaniel Petrie Jr.
WriterBill Rebane
Production CoEnderby Entertainment
Release DateNov 1, 2015

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  • Five days before Christmas, Lisa, 19, pregnant and fearful; and Brad, a professional snowboarder meet by chance during a raging blizzard: both want to cross over the mountains ahead of the storm; Brad in order to attend his engagement party; Lisa as she desperately tries to escape mysterious circumstances in her life. Unfortunately, their car hits an unsuspecting snowbank, forcing them to seek shelter at Rosemont Lodge – one of only ten structures they had come across along their journey so far.
  • Rosemont Lodge was once a vibrant year-round resort, yet for nearly two decades has lain dormant since Josephine closed it due to a devastating family tragedy and began living alone behind “no trespassing” signs on its property. Abe the caretaker is the sole remaining employee at Rosemont, maintaining it all day while drinking away Josephine’s sharp tongue with alcohol.
  • Josephine and Abe are surprised when Brad and Lisa unexpectedly show up, yet Josephine reluctantly agrees to host them. Over the next several days, their lives are transformed as they experience the harrowing birth of Lisa’s baby, discover her embarrassing past, discover Brad as romantic interest for Lisa, as well as Lisa fighting to keep her baby. Josephine eventually forms an unexpected and strong bond with Lisa that gradually revives Rosemont and provides hope for both herself and Lisa in their future together.


  • Brad Dourif as Abe
  • Lochlyn Munro as Craig
  • Grace Zabriskie as Josephine
  • Michael Gross as Dr. Molina
  • Ayla Kell as Lisa
  • Lauren York as Sylvia


“Rosemont” is an emotional yet captivating tale of resilience, love and the bonds created through shared hardship. This movie offers a poignant exploration of human connection that emerges against life’s harsh realities, showing its transformative potential through empathy and hope. Set against an idyllic snow-clad landscape, “Rosemont’s” captivating narrative serves as a testament to humanity’s enduring spirit as unexpected friendships blossom when people face extraordinary adversity. This Holiday Drama film with captivating performances and its well-structured narrative will leave an unforgettable impression on viewers!

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