Prodigal Girl – Spanish Full Movie
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Prodigal Girl – Spanish Full Movie

Jun 14, 2023


Prodigal Girl, released in 2017, follows Reese Donahue as she experiences dramatic life changes following an unexpected discovery: her mother left behind significant funds that give Reese the chance to pursue her own path and create her own future. Reese must make a life-altering choice when faced with this difficult dilemma. Features Jessica Rothe as the lead role, providing a riveting performance. Additionally, this film’s ensemble cast features talent such as Willie Garson, Matthew Alan, Ana Ortiz Kevin Kilner Louisa Mignone and Rose Abdoo – who all deliver superb acting performances in this powerful tale and delighted audiences everywhere with its powerful narrative and engrossing performances.

“The cast, release date, genre, and runtime details of the Movie “Prodigal Girl”

TitleProdigal Girl
Release DateJuly 18, 2017
Run Time1 hour 47 minutes
CastJessica Rothe
Kosha Patel
Taylor Bottles
Ana Ortiz
Kevin Kilner
Willie Garson
Rose Abdoo
Harrison Quinn
Hannah Cowan
Jennifer Greenstreet
Prodigal Girl

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  • “Prodigal Girl” is an engaging drama film which follows Reese Donahue, an aspiring writer.
  • Reese finds herself facing an unexpected inheritance that forces her to question her beliefs, values, and the purpose of her life.
  • Reese’s life takes an unexpected turn when she learns of an incredible bequest left by her mother: an amount worth millions has been left for her in her will.
  • The story focuses on issues of responsibility, the allure of material possessions, and finding true happiness and fulfillment in life.
  • Struggling to reconcile her sudden wealth and her carefully orchestrated plan for its use, Reese embarks on an unexpected and transformative journey of self-discovery.
  • Reese’s personal and emotional struggles are explored with precision in this film.
  • Reese faces an internal struggle as she navigates her desires, ambitions, and potential consequences of her decisions.
  • The film encourages audiences to reflect upon their values, priorities and the importance of discovering an authentic path in life.
  • Offers an engaging examination of identity, self-worth and human nature.
  • “Prodigal Girl” is an engaging and captivating film which offers audiences a compelling tale of self-discovery and personal growth.


  • Delivered an engaging and refreshing storyline that kept me captivated throughout. The unpredictability of the plot added an exciting element, especially as we witnessed a privileged young woman making a significant wrong choice and grappling with the consequences. The happy ending was a satisfying conclusion to an enjoyable film. Highly recommended for a lazy afternoon viewing.”
  • “I regret to say that ‘Prodigal Girl’ failed to impress me. The lack of a coherent plot and nonsensical elements made it a pointless watch. It felt like a complete waste of my time, leaving me with no satisfaction or meaningful takeaway. I would advise others to value their time and skip this movie altogether.”
  • I find it puzzling why there are negative reviews for “Prodigal Girl.” Personally, I thought the film was excellent, and I’m even considering watching it for a third or fourth time. The captivating storyline and compelling characters resonated with me, making it a truly enjoyable experience. It’s disheartening to see differing opinions, but I believe everyone has their own unique taste. For me, “Prodigal Girl” is a gem worth revisiting.


“Prodigal Girl” is an unforgettable tale, boasting captivating plot, exceptional cinematography and exceptional performances that is sure to enchant audiences years after its initial release. Packed with themes and cultural significance that remain timeless today, this Spanish-language masterpiece continues to enthrall audiences years after it first debuted. If you enjoy foreign cinema or simply want an emotionally engaging film experience then “Prodigal Girl” should definitely make its way onto your watchlist – guaranteed it will leave an indelible mark on both heart and mind alike.

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