Pretty Young Thing (Smuk) | Movie
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Pretty Young Thing (Smuk) | Movie

Jul 10, 2023

“Pretty Young Thing (Smuk)” is an intense drama film exploring the struggles and growth of six students as they navigate a new school year. Directed by Tilde Harkamp and written by Line Morkeby. This film chronicles first-year students at Rosenholm High School during initiation rituals and experiences of first year students enrolled there for the first time.

Release Date

  • October 13, 2022


  • Drama

Pretty Young Thing (Smuk) Trailer


  • Sylvester Espersen as Emil
  • Andrea Heick Gadeberg as Frida
  • Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt as Mathias
  • Karoline Hamm as Selma
  • Fie Petersen as Nadia
  • Oliver Due as Pelle
  • Stran Ezgi Benli as Amalie
  • Marie Louise Wille as Birgitte
  • Stine Pr√¶torius as Jette


  • Set at Rosenholm High School, this story follows new first-year students as they navigate initiation rituals that are crucial to their future at Rosenholm – both academically and personally.
  • Frida and Selma form an especially close bond with Nadja, another first-year student; however complications arise when Frida begins developing feelings for Emil, Nadja’s older boyfriend.
  • Frida receives an invite to the ritual party held for first-year students while Selma does not, which strains their friendship and puts their bond under strain.
  • As viewers witness this emotional rollercoaster and any conflicts among characters as their story develops, viewers gain an intimate look into teenage relationships as well as challenges they may encounter during this transformative phase of their lives.


Pretty Young Thing (Smuk)” promises to be an engaging drama that explores the unique challenges and personal limits encountered by young individuals entering a new school year. By exploring friendship, jealousy, and personal desires pursuit, this movie provides a relatable narrative for audiences of any age – particularly teenagers and young adults. Under Tilde Harkamp’s direction and Line Morkeby’s storytelling prowess, viewers can expect an emotionally charged cinematic experience on October 13, 2022 when its release date approaches.

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