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Palau The Movie | Spanish

Jun 22, 2023


Step into the extraordinary life of Luis Palau through “PALAU: An Inspirational Journey of Faith”. This captivating biographical masterpiece follows his humble origins, his commitment to God’s work, and his missionary drive in spreading the Gospel throughout his travels around the globe. From trials and triumphs, Luis’ story shows the transformative power of faith as well as how one person’s influence can have on multiple lives around him.


PALAU: An Inspirational Journey of Faith” tells the extraordinary true story of Luis Palau, an ordinary man whose unwavering faith and dedication led to becoming one of history’s great evangelists. From humble beginnings in a small Argentinian town all the way to becoming one of the foremost global evangelists; facing trials and difficulties on his path yet remaining an icon for millions, spreading God’s Good News across continents worldwide.

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  • Manuel Espinosa as Esteban
  • Alexandra Bard as Pat Palau
  • Veronica Calvo as Suzie
  • Darren Dowler as Billy Graham
  • Jason MacDonald as Keith Bentsen


  • Biography


  • 1h 56m

Release Date

Apr 4, 2019


Documentaries offer audiences an engaging journey into the life and legacy of Luis Palau. Exploring his remarkable accomplishments and profound effect on individuals and communities worldwide. His strong faith serves as an inspirational source, encouraging viewers to live lives dedicated to serving God with all their might.

Through interviews, archival footage, and personal anecdotes, “PALAU: An Inspirational Journey of Faith” provides an insightful look into Luis Palau’s spiritual journey – its trials and victories as well as lessons learned. It highlights challenges encountered, lessons gained and the transformative potential of unwavering faith.


“PALAU: An Inspirational Journey of Faith” is an inspiring film which chronicles the life and legacy of Luis Palau, an individual whose dedication to serving God had an irreparable mark on society. This documentary highlights faith, perseverance and an allegiance to spreading Christ’s love despite obstacles along their own spiritual journeys. Watch Luis’ incredible tale to be inspired to live one with full devotion toward serving him.

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