Only Humans (2019) – Watch Full Movie
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Only Humans (2019) – Watch Full Movie

Jun 27, 2023


“Only Humans,” released on May 13, 2019, is an engaging drama film that follows Sarah, an independent teenage girl on a quest to begin dating an older man. As she makes this journey, Sarah discovers valuable life lessons about herself and those closest to her. Along the way she learns not only the vibrance of youth but also her complex dynamics with an overbearing mother. Whom she finds comfort with over time. With its insightful look into love, maturity, and family relationships “Only Humans” takes audiences on an emotional and introspective ride that promises something similar!

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Only Humans Plot

Sarah subtly pursues David in an effort to spark a romantic relationship; but David, initially amused by her pursuit. Soon begins realizing the potential ramifications and attempts to maintain some distance from Sarah. Sarah remains undaunted in her pursuit, leading to many uncomfortable encounters and tension-filled situations.

This leads to numerous confrontations between mother and daughter which only further escalate their differences and escalate the rift between them.

Sarah begins to comprehend the complexity of adult relationships and understand their ramifications through David. She sees how his pursuit is having an effect on himself, her, and ultimately their mother-daughter bond.

Only Humans Cast

  • Ivy Matheson as Sarah
  • Micah Hauptman as Vince
  • Peri Gilpin as Nancy
  • Brendan Meyer as Evan
  • Frances Chewning as Elizabeth‚Ķ
  • Tim Bagley as Dan
  • Hal Dion as Dr. Burke
  • Maria Russell as Theresa


“Only Humans” is an engaging drama centered on Sarah, a fiercely independent teenager on her quest to develop romantic feelings for an older man. Through this pursuit, Sarah comes to appreciate both herself and her overbearing mother more fully – giving this film its unique character-driven narrative and relatable characters. This film serves as an important reminder of all we can learn from unexpected relationships and the value in accepting unique dynamics in our lives.

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