Netflix Unveils Ambitious Plan: 40 New Games  Release in 2023
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Netflix Unveils Ambitious Plan: 40 New Games Release in 2023

Jul 8, 2023

Netflix has announced plans for 40 new gaming releases scheduled to debut by 2023. They plan on collaborating with external partners on 30 games while their in-house studio creates 16 unique experiences. Their aim is to offer users an array of diverse and immersive entertainment experiences. New titles inspired by popular original series will be released monthly throughout the year via mobile device access within the Netflix app and included with any subscription package.

Netflix’s Game Release Strategy: A Close Analysis

  • Netflix plans to introduce new games every month throughout 2023, taking inspiration from their critically acclaimed original content as inspiration. One such title already available on the platform is “Too Hot to Handle: Love is A Game,” inspired by its popular unscripted dating show of the same name. Plans for further expanding this gaming catalog by releasing another “Too Hot to Handle” game later in 2018 is underway.

Key Acquisitions and Partnerships:

  • Netflix was awarded a long-term contract to operate and expand Longcross Studios in Surrey, UK in September 2021. They also acquired Roald Dahl Story Corporation which holds rights for Roald Dahl stories and characters as well as Night School Studio. Which develops independent video game titles; all these acquisitions demonstrate Netflix’s dedication to strengthening their position within the gaming industry.

Mobile Gaming and Partnerships:

  • Netflix launched their mobile games for Android users on November 2, 2021 and iOS users on November 9, respectively. All subscribers had access to them free-of-cost with plans to add more over time. A partnership with Ubisoft resulted in an exclusive game called Mighty Quest. Rogue Palace which marked an important step forward for Netflix’s gaming expansion efforts.

Accessing Netflix Games:

  • To access Netflix games, users can search their iPhone, iPad or Android device’s Netflix app for “mobile games.” By selecting any game, they will find more information as well as tapping “Get Game,”. Which will take them directly to the app store for downloading purposes – these games are included as part of any Netflix subscription plan.

Netflix Announces Gaming Portfolio and Future Plans:

  • Netflix expands gaming with 40 games in 2023 and 70 in development with partners. Netflix in-house game studios are developing 16 unique gaming experiences and the Monument Valley franchise by Ustwo will soon make an appearance as two versions – Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2, without in-app purchases – on their platform.

Cloud Streaming and Accessibility:

  • While mobile gaming remains Netflix’s primary focus, the company is also actively developing their cloud streaming technology. Netflix enables gaming on any screen, providing access to games for its members wherever they are. Cloud gaming provides easy accessibility while expanding availability across devices.

Recent Releases on Netflix’s Gaming Platform:

  • Free Lives’ reverse city-builder “Terra Nil,” launched on March 28, allowing players to transform a barren landscape into a flourishing ecosystem. Meanwhile, Demagog Studio’s strategy game “Highwater,” exploring themes of social collapse and environmental disaster was also released earlier this month.


Netflix’s entry into the gaming industry marks a pivotal move towards providing an engaging entertainment experience to subscribers. Plans to release 40 new games by 2023, collaborate with external partners, and feature titles inspired by its original content is indicative of Netflix’s expansion in this sector. By prioritising mobile gaming and developing cloud streaming technology to make games available across devices – according to their vision – members will be able to play games anytime they please with Netflix membership.

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