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Monsters of Man (2020) | Watch Online

Jul 11, 2023


“Monsters of Man” (2020), is an action packed thriller about an American weapons manufacturer undergoing an extreme experiment involving four deadly robots. Set against the backdrop of Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle region, its story unfolds with incredible twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


As soon as a US weapons manufacturer decides to test their cutting-edge killer robots, chaos ensues. Intended to target heroin producers in the Golden Triangle, their malfunction and rampage create further complications. Meanwhile, an unsanctioned military operation is planned by corrupt CIA agent working together with robotics company and illegal military operation of illegal military operation: using four prototype robots at suspected drug manufacturing camps with no witnesses remaining and then deploy four more prototype robots for destruction; six doctors on an altruistic mission come upon this tragedy and become targets in this deadly game of cat and mouse.

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MajorNeal McDonough
MasonBrett Tutor
BollerJose Rosete
KrogerDavid Haverty
JordanPaul Haapaniemi
JantzRyan Hough
LeapLy Ty
KealaMa Rynet
TienKayli Tran
FieldingJessica Blackmore
DezJordy Tulleners
WendyTatjana Marjanovic
Bao & BR4Conrad K. Pratt
FosterDavid Samartin

Release Date

  • 08 December 2020


  • Action and Thriller


Monsters of Man (2020) takes audiences on an exhilarating adventure through a world of cutting-edge robotics, corruption and survival. When doctors become prey for rogue robots and an unscrupulous CIA agent who hunts them down with devastating force. Tension escalates rapidly into an epic fight for survival that keeps viewers gripped to their seats until its exciting conclusion. Prepare yourself for an action-packed cinematic experience that explores the consequences of unchecked power and depicts suspenseful survival struggles at high stakes levels. Don’t let this film pass you by! Don’t miss it.

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