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John Mulaney: Baby J – 123movies

Jul 9, 2023


“John Mulaney: Baby J” is an engaging and honest stand-up comedy film which chronicles John Mulaney’s triumphant return to stand-up after experiencing turmoil in his personal life. Directed by Alex Timbers, this 80-minute special captures John’s candid and humorous recountings of drug addiction, intervention, and rehabilitation – as well as his candid comments about these experiences in real-time.

TitleJohn Mulaney: Baby J
DirectorAlex Timbers
WriterJohn Mulaney
Recorded atBoston Symphony Hall
Release DateApril 25, 2023
Running Time80 minutes
CountryUnited States

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mulaney baby j 123movies


John Mulaney Filmed Location

  • Boston Symphony Hall


  • Mulaney begins the show early by taking to the stage himself without waiting for traditional introductions to take place. Instead, he shares humorous anecdotes about praying for his grandparents’ death so as to gain sympathy from classmates, before offering an apology for such a dark start and embarking on an acapella song about how his reputation had changed post-relapse.
  • Mulaney interacts with his audience, speaking directly with one of the fifth graders and explaining his newfound “vibe.” He cautions her not to repeat any actions outlined during his performance – an offer of cautionary tale.
  • The comedian recalls the night of his intervention, where he arrived two hours late due to purchasing drugs and receiving a haircut at his former workplace, Saturday Night Live’s makeup department. He humorously describes this “star-studded” intervention while simultaneously feeling both gratefulness and anger towards those involved for contributing their time and saving his life.


John Mulaney shows his trademark wit and self-deprecating humor in “John Mulaney: Baby J,” an unfiltered comedy film which captures his resilience, sense of humor, and ability to find laughter even during darkest of moments – leaving audiences laughing while taking an honest and vulnerable look back on his personal journey.

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