It’s a Fixer Upper (2019) – Watch Online Spanish Movie
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It’s a Fixer Upper (2019) – Watch Online Spanish Movie

Jun 24, 2023


Prepare to be mesmerized by the heartwarming drama and romance of “It’s a Fixer Upper.” This emotive film follows the Dovers family, as they face financial strains that force them to make the difficult decision to sell their ancestral home and, with few other viable options left open to them, embark on a journey that will test their resilience, challenge their endurance, and force them to confront their deepest emotions.


  • “It’s a Fixer Upper,” stars Louise Dylan and Sean Wing as Anne Dovers who find themselves struggling financially and forced to sell the family home where she spent much of her childhood memories.
  • However, when they attempt to find potential buyers for their house they find no takers and instead are left facing the prospect of selling their cherished home at a fraction of its true worth. Frustrated at being left without control over selling their beloved property they decide to take matters into their own hands and auction off portions of it at auction themselves.
  • “It’s a Fixer Upper” explores themes of love, resilience and memories in an emotional roller coaster journey with the Dovers. As we watch their transformation and personal growth despite challenges they encounter. At its core is an exploration of human connections to places they call home – reminding us to embrace change while cherishing memories that define us.

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  • Dee Wallace as Diane Dover
  • Louise Dylan as Anne Dover
  • Sean Wing as Dan Dover
  • Gary Neal Johnson as Frank Dover

Release Date

  • September 1, 2019


  • Drama, Romance


  • 1 hour 24 minutes


The show “It’s a Fixer Upper” is about more than just remodeling a home; it’s also about overcoming obstacles in terms of money and coping with emotional bonds. It displays a path toward resiliency, personal development, and finally, healing.

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