Follow Your Heart – (From the Heart) Spanish Movie
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Follow Your Heart – (From the Heart) Spanish Movie

Jun 20, 2023


Join “Follow Your Heart” (Original Title: From the Heart), an emotionally captivating romantic film which explores the conflict between success and legacy. Follow Kathy Yoder as she struggles between two options for her future: adventure or renewing old bonds in her Amish community. Featuring Galadriel Stineman and Kevin Joy’s stellar performances, this movie brilliantly illustrates what it means to follow one’s heart.


  • Galadriel Stineman as Kathy Yoder
  • Kevin Joy as Isaac Mast
  • Jonathan Patrick Moore as Jack Burley
  • Madison Lawlor as Miriam
  • Karla Mosley as Evelyn
  • Laura Shatkus as Hazel
  • Remi Hilson as Sarah Mast
  • Scott McLean Harrison as Amos

Release Date

  • 10 February, 2020


  • Romance

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Follow Your Heart is an emotionally engaging story about Kathy Yoder, an Amish woman who decided to forsake that lifestyle for success as a travel guide writer. However, when her past calls her back home as she must settle his affairs and return there – an encounter which leaves Kathy struggling between both worlds. On her return, Kathy Yoder is reminded of her life before she left, namely the Amish community and Isaac Mast (Galadriel Stineman). When faced with choosing between success and roots, Kathy must decide between traveling or embracing both heritage and love from her past life – an epic journey brought to life by both Galadriel Stineman (Kathy Yoder) and Kevin Joy (Isaac Mast). Galadriel Stineman and Kevin Joy deliver stellar performances as Kathy Yoder and Isaac Mast respectively (Galadriel Stineman/Isaac Mast).


Rating: ★★★★☆

As romantic escapism, this film offers an enjoyable experience that allows viewers to escape into another world. While not accurately representing Amish life, the movie does capture romanticism while providing a sense of escape.


Follow Your Heart is a heartwarming and emotionally charged romance that explores the conflict between personal ambition and family roots. Galadriel Stineman shines as Kathy Yoder, torn between pursuing her travel writing career and returning home (portrayed by Kevin Joy as Isaac Mast) after growing up Amish. While not offering an accurate depiction of Amish life, Follow Your Heart offers viewers an engaging escapism experience where love can flourish freely amidst self-discovery.

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