ddpcshares: Overview
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ddpcshares: Overview

Oct 20, 2023


ddpcshares is an Icelandic company founded in 2013 that specializes in providing liquidity and asset management services for owners of digital assets like cryptocurrencies. With headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland, ddpcshares has established itself as a leading provider of services catered towards digital asset investors and traders. In this essay, I will provide an in-depth analysis of ddpcshares, including its benefits, market position, and potential for future growth.


ddpcshares was founded in 2013 to address the growing needs of digital asset owners who require services like liquidity provision, asset management, and market making. The founding team identified Iceland as an ideal location due to its crypto-friendly regulations and cold climate that allows cost-effective mining operations.

Within a few years of its founding, ddpcshares expanded beyond Bitcoin to provide services for other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. Today, it works with most top digital assets and continues to evolve its offerings as the market matures.

Key Services

ddpcshares provides three primary services catered toward digital asset owners and investors:

Liquidity Provision

ddpcshares offers liquidity provision services by acting as a buyer and seller for various digital assets on exchanges. This ensures asset owners can seamlessly trade their holdings without worrying about finding a counterparty.

The company leverages its capital reserves and inventory of digital assets to provide competitive pricing and sufficient liquidity across significant exchanges and trading platforms. This service creates market stability and allows investors to trade confidently.

Asset Management

For investors with a portfolio of digital assets, ddpcshares provides advisory and asset management services. This includes portfolio diversification, risk management, tax planning, and custody services tailored to each client’s investment goals and risk appetite.

By working closely with clients, ddpcshares can develop customized strategies to optimize returns and minimize risks associated with the volatile cryptocurrency markets. Their asset management expertise is a key differentiator.

Market Making

ddpcshares also acts as a market maker for digital assets by providing buy and sell quotes on exchanges and OTC platforms. This facilitates greater trading activity and tighter spreads while improving price discovery.

The company uses algorithmic trading systems and its own capital to maintain an orderly market. Its market-making activities increase liquidity and stability for otherwise thinly traded assets.

Competitive Advantages

ddpcshares maintains several competitive advantages that have supported its leading position in servicing digital asset investors:

  • Technical expertise: The ddpcshares team specializes in quantitative trading, blockchain technology, and exchange connectivity. This allows them to provide robust and efficient services.
  • Regulatory compliance: Adhering to AML and KYC regulations even when not required, ddpcshares upholds integrity and inspires customer trust.
  • Security: ddpcshares store 98% of its digital asset inventory in cold wallets. This provides a high level of protection against theft and hacking.
  • Insurance: Asset insurance guarantees clients compensation in the unlikely event of loss due to internal fraud or theft.

Growth Potential

Despite its current solid position, ddpcshares still has room for additional growth and expansion:

  • New market entry: ddpcshares can expand into emerging digital asset markets in Asia, South America, and Africa. Many of these markets need proper infrastructure and liquidity.
  • Supporting DeFi: Providing liquidity and market-making for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications represents a significant opportunity.
  • Custody services: With crypto adoption rising, demand for insured custody solutions will increase. ddpcshares can broaden its custody offerings.
  • Blockchain integration: As blockchain technology matures, integrating Layer 2 solutions like Lightning Network could allow ddpcshare to offer differentiated services.


ddpcshares has established itself as a leading liquidity, asset management, and market-making service provider in the digital asset space. It enjoys competitive advantages in security, compliance, and technical expertise. While already a top player in the industry, ample growth opportunities remain for ddpcshare to expand its offerings and client base as the blockchain ecosystem evolves. The company is well-positioned to remain a top digital asset trading and investment facilitator as adoption increases globally.

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