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Bigfoot (2009) | Watch Full Movie

Jun 28, 2023


“Bigfoot”, also known in the UK as “The Kids That Saved Bigfoot”, is an entertaining American comedy-adventure film. Set in Pine Bluffs, California and featuring Percy Caldwell who harbors feelings for Madison (played by Richard Tyson), directed by Kevin S. Tenney with screenplay written by Sandy Schklair; produced on October 6, 2009 and released to theaters October 6, 2009. With its tale of friendship, courage, and adventure audiences are taken on an unforgettable ride.

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Plot Summary

Percy Caldwell is an ambitious romantic who dreams of winning over Madison, his high school’s cheerleader despite Leonard’s doubt. After heroically saving Madison from local bullies Cletis and Devlin. Who were terrorizing her, Percy finds himself caught up in an unexpected predicament when Cletis and Devlin strike back with violent action that sends his bicycle crashing into the woods.

Percy finds himself encountering Bigfoot, an eight-foot creature forced from its home due to a forest fire. Although initially terrified, Percy eventually discovers Bigfoot is friendly and decides to care for him after his parents dismiss his story.

Bigfoot Cast

  • Percy Caldwell as Adam Raque
  • David Caldwell as Richard Tyson
  • Brooke Caldwell as Angie Everhart
  • Percy’s best friend as Kenyon Dudleys
  • Madison as Nicole Badaan
  • Jean Louise O’Sullivan as Madison
  • Devlin as Andrew Chase
  • Cletis as Brandon Gibson


At the heartwarming conclusion of “Bigfoot” (2009), Percy Caldwell and his friends triumph over all odds to save Bigfoot from harm. Thanks to Percy’s skilled surgeon father, Bigfoot lives long enough to return safely back into its forest habitat. Cletis and Devlin, two rival brothers, meet their comedic end when comes between them and their car and prevents it from moving forward. Percy, Madison and Leonard witness an unforgettable scene as finds companionship again after an extraordinary adventure by Percy Madison and Leonard to save an extraordinary creature while strengthening friendship bonds – creating an emotionally moving experience for audiences.

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