Best M.2 SSDs for PS5 2023: Gaming Boost

Best M.2 SSDs for PS5 2023: Gaming Boost

Sep 12, 2023


What if we told you that the PlayStation 5 has already redefined what is possible in terms of gaming performance? By adding an M.2 SSD to your PS5, you may significantly speed up in-game asset streaming, minimize load times, and maximize the capabilities of your system. We’ve chosen the top M.2 SSDs for your PS5 in 2023 so you can make an educated choice.

Why Upgrade the SSD in Your PS5?

Before getting into the best M.2 SSD choices, let’s briefly go over why changing the SSD in your PS5 is so revolutionary. The PS5’s regular SSD isn’t bad, but as game files get bigger and more complicated, it’s simple to run out of storage capacity and notice slower load times.

Samsung 980 Pro: Unleash the Speed Demon

  • Read Speeds: Up to 7,000 MB/s
  • Write Speeds: Up to 5,000 MB/s
  • Comes with a heatsink

The Samsung 980 Pro lives up to its reputation as a reliable brand name in the SSD industry. Your games will load instantly thanks to this SSD’s lightning-quick read and write capabilities. You won’t have to worry about overheating during prolonged gaming sessions thanks to the built-in heatsink.

WD Black SN850: Blazing Performance

  • Read Speeds: Up to 7,000 MB/s
  • Write Speeds: Up to 5,300 MB/s
  • Comes with a heatsink

Another strong contender is the WD Black SN850 from Western Digital. When it comes to read and write speeds, it is even faster than the Samsung 980 Pro. This guarantees that loading times will be incredibly quick and that gaming will be fluid. The heatsink that comes with the SSD keeps it cool, assuring steady performance.

Seagate FireCuda 530: Performance and Storage

  • Read Speeds: 7,300 MB/s or more
  • Write Speeds: 6,900 MB/s or more
  • Not included is a heatsink.

The Seagate FireCuda 530 fulfills your need for a balance between speed and storage capacity. It provides sufficient speed and a large capacity while being a little slower than the preceding choices. Just keep in mind that a separate heatsink is required for this one.

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX: Performance and Value

  • Read Speeds: 6,650 MB/s or more
  • Write Speeds: 4,950 MB/s or more
  • includes a heatsink

The MP600 Pro LPX from Corsair is a fantastic option for gamers looking for a high-performance SSD without breaking the budget. Its high read and write speeds make for a responsive and fluid gaming experience. It also keeps cool under duress thanks to the inbuilt heatsink.

Important P5 Plus: Affordability

  • Read Speeds: 6,600 MB/s and higher
  • Write Speeds: 3,900 MB/s or more
  • Not included is a heatsink.

The Crucial P5 Plus is an option to think about if you need considerable performance improvement but are on a tight budget. Although slower than some of the more expensive choices, it nevertheless provides reasonable speeds at a lower cost. Just keep in mind to buy a heatsink separately.

Considerations for Choosing an M.2 SSD for the PS5

There are a few important considerations to bear in mind before making your ultimate choice:

  • To maximize the SSD’s speed potential, make sure it is PCIe Gen.4 compliant.
  • Size: Make sure the SSD complies with the requirements for your PS5. Up to a 2TB M.2 SSD can be used with the PS5.

Installer’s Manual

It’s simple to install your new M.2 SSD in your PlayStation 5. For detailed instructions, consult the user manual or online guides for your PS5. A backup of your data should be made before installation.

Utilizing an M.2 SSD to Improve Your PS5

You can modify your PS5’s settings to improve performance after installing your M.2 SSD. This can involve modifying game settings and changing storage options.


A great approach to improve your gaming experience in 2023 is to upgrade your PS5 with one of the top M.2 SSDs available. There is a choice for you whether your top priorities are speed, capacity, or pricing. Gameplay that loads quickly is over; say welcome to seamless gaming. Prepare to upgrade your PS5 with an M.2 SSD to maximize its capabilities.

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