Awaken (2015)- Watch Online Full Movie
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Awaken (2015)- Watch Online Full Movie

May 31, 2023

Awaken (2015) is an exciting action movie from 2015, directed by Mark Atkins. The film has famous actors like Natalie Burn, Jason London, and Vinnie Jones. In the movie, a woman named Billie, played by Natalie Burn, suddenly finds herself on a far-off island. She doesn’t remember how she got there. It’s a scary situation, because she’s not the only one. There are other scared and confused people with her on the island. They soon realize they’ve been kidnapped for a scary reason.

Awaken (2015)

Awaken (2015) – Cast, Genre, Reviews And Release Date

Release Year2015
GenreAction, Thriller
DirectorMark Atkins
Main CastNatalie Burn (Billie), Jason London (Quentin), Vinnie Jones (The Man)
ReviewsThe movie received mixed reviews. While praised for its performances and action sequences, some critics found the plot predictable. Despite this, it has enjoyed some cult status among action thriller enthusiasts.
Release DateJuly 7, 2015
Duration89 minutes
Awaken (2015)


“Awaken” (2015) directed by Mark Atkins features Natalie Burn as Billie, who awakens on an unknown island with no memory of how she got there or where it leads. As time progresses, Billie discovers other confused and fearful individuals stranded there alongside herself – adding another dimension of confusion and fearfulness to this psychological thriller.

As Billie and her companions attempt to make sense of their situation, they discover they have been kidnapped for an unknown purpose. Trapped on an island together, they must work together in order to discover the truth and devise a plan of escape.

Along their perilous journey, the group encounters various obstacles and dangers which put their resilience and determination to the test. By piecing together clues related to their abduction mystery, their captors’ true natures and hidden motives become clear.

Billie, driven by an intense will to survive, assumes a key role in organizing her group and formulating an exit strategy. Along the way she faces personal obstacles, confronts fears she never knew existed, and finds inner strength she never imagined was within herself.


Awaken (2015) may not reinvent the wheel of action thrillers, but it delivers where it counts. An engaging story, solid performances, and pulse-pounding action. It is a testament to the fact that well-executed genre films can provide thrilling and satisfying viewing experiences.

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