“Amazon Queen” (2021) – Full Movie Watch Online
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“Amazon Queen” (2021) – Full Movie Watch Online

Jun 30, 2023


“Amazon Queen” (2021), directed and written by Marlin Darrah and featuring Carly Diamond Stone, Carson Grant and Nick Dreselly Thomas among its star cast, invites viewers on an exciting journey into the heart of Amazon Rainforest. Released to streaming services on October 12th 2021 and earning an audience score of 98% upon streaming completion – provides viewers with a captivating cinematic experience while at once connecting us to nature through adrenaline-pumping survival story elements – promising an immersive cinematic experience.

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Plot Summary

“Amazon Queen” is an adventure film set in the beautiful Rainforest along Rio Negro in Manaus, Brazil and shot during Covid-19’s outbreak in October 2020. The narrative follows an American tourist group aboard riverboat “Queen”. As they explore indigenous villages and jungle habitats along the riverbanks upriver from Manaus. Their peaceful journey is disrupted when thieves come stealing treasure from deep within the jungle. Forcing the tourists and crew into an epic struggle for survival relying solely on their ingenuity and resourcefulness alone.

Release Date

  • Oct 12, 2021


  • Action, Adventure


  • 1h 32m


“Amazon Queen” is an exhilarating and action-packed adventure film that takes audiences on an extraordinary journey through the majestic Rainforest. From frame one, viewers experience a gripping story which transforms an idyllic cruise into an epic fight for survival; its stunning panorama views serve as mesmerizing scenery which immerse viewers into its lush beauty while adding authenticity and adding layers of realism into its narrative.

“Amazon Queen” is an engaging and visually stunning adventure film that whisks audiences on an incredible adventure through the Rainforest. Boasting suspenseful plot, breathtaking scenery and impressive performances, should not be missed by action-film enthusiasts as well as anyone appreciating nature.


“Amazon Queen” is an action-packed adventure film that depicts an idyllic cruise turned into an urgent fight for survival. Boasting spectacular panoramic views of the Rainforest and an engaging plot full of suspense, “Amazon Queen” promises to transport viewers right into its depths while keeping them on edge throughout.

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