After the Storm (2019) – Full Movie
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After the Storm (2019) – Full Movie

Jun 21, 2023


“After the Storm” follows Lauren, an ambitious woman tasked with rebuilding her community after an enormous storm has caused widespread devastation to their picturesque town.

Production Detail

  • Director: Emma Jean Sutherland
  • Writer: Patrick McBrearty and Christine Rimmer


Collin’s brave act in saving Lauren’s pet brings them closer together as they seek shelter, but old wounds reopen from Lauren’s disappointment with Collin due to previous disappointments between them. When Lauren discovers her home destroyed during the storm, they offer aid and offer construction crew services but Lauren insists on rebuilding it herself, further straining their relationship. Yet as they navigate recovery together they find strength in sharing history and resilience and forging an inspiring narrative of rediscovery and strength together.

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  • Madeline Leon as Lauren
  • Diana Chrisman as Paige
  • Bo Yokely as Collin
  • Carlisle J. Williams as Ciro
  • Craig Morgan as Sutter
  • Will Ennis as Dane

Genre And Runtime

After the Storm” is an emotional romance movie running for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Release Date

  • July 2, 2019


The film masterfully depicts Lauren’s struggles and triumphs, immersing viewers in her journey of self-discovery. While facing difficulties caused by disaster, Lauren’s resilience becomes an inspiration, reminding audiences that there can be strength and courage even during difficult times.

After the Storm” captures beautifully the power of human connection and community spirit. Lauren, as she attempts to rebuild her life, finds that unexpected connections give new perspectives and provide support that catalyze her recovery and personal development. Additionally, this film emphasizes unity as a source of hope despite challenging situations.


“After the Storm” (2019) is an inspiring tale of hope, resilience, and community spirit in the aftermath of an unprecedented disaster. As Lauren goes through physical and psychological reconstruction and overcomes its difficulties, the audience watches alongside her. She eventually discovers a new sense of purpose and unexpected connections, which inspire her on her path to recovery and development.It’s an inspiring narrative about human resilience amidst difficulties – an inspiring tale celebrating human resilience as it opens up possibilities for fresh starts amid difficulties.

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