77 Oportunidades (2015) | Full HD Movie
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77 Oportunidades (2015) | Full HD Movie

Jun 22, 2023


Step into the captivating world of “77 Oportunidades,” an engaging drama that explores redemption and renewal. This thought-provoking film follows Jason, an individual trapped in an endless cycle reliving one day at a time until finally breaking free and discovering true redemption. Adapted from “Groundhog Day”, this mesmerizing drama takes audiences on an engaging exploration of second chances and their profound ramifications.

Plot Summary

“77 Oportunidades” tells the tale of Jason, a man trapped in an endless cycle reliving one fateful day over and over. After experiencing tragedy during a date with McKenna, Jason awakens each morning to find himself repeating that day’s events; each repetition offering him opportunities to make different choices – but ultimately nothing changes; while making this journey, Jason must grapple with redemption, love, and the power of choices in an attempt to break free from this endless cycle and break free eventually.

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  • Rachel Hendrix
  • Erin Bethea
  • Andrew Cheney


  • 1 hour and 26 minutes

Release Date

April 28, 2020


  • Drama


“77 Oportunidades” is an engaging tale that explores themes of resilience, self-discovery and redemption. This film encourages viewers to reflect upon the choices we make in life and the opportunities for personal growth they present us with. With standout performance by Andrew Cheney as Jason as its protagonist, this tale unfolds with mystery, hope and transformational love to create an emotionally immersive viewing experience.

Andrew Cheney excels as Jason, effectively portraying his struggles, growth, and desire for redemption. His portrayal gives the narrative depth and authenticity while drawing audiences into Jason’s world and inspiring empathy in viewers.


“77 Oportunidades” is an engaging tale of resilience and self-discovery, inviting audiences to reflect upon all decisions we make in life. Andrew Cheney excels as Jason, portraying his struggles, growth, and longing for redemption – as the story progresses, audiences become immersed in its world of mystery, hope and transformative love – providing audiences with an emotionally engaging viewing experience which serves as a poignant reminder that every opportunity offers us renewed growth potential.

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